What are the objectives of the Fair Competition Act? PDF Print

The objectives of the Fair Competition Act are to:

  • promote and maintain and encourage competition in Barbados.
  • prevent anti-competitive conduct in Barbados; and
  • ensure that all businesses; irrespective of size; have the opportunity to compete equitably in the Barbados market.
Who is affected by the Fair Competition Act? PDF Print
The Act applies to all persons and businesses conducting business in Barbados.
Is there a need for the Fair Competition Act? PDF Print
The Fair Competition Act is essential to sustained economic development, because it ensures the effective functioning of markets through the promotion and maintenance of competition and the prohibition of anticompetitive practices in Barbados. The Act also protects consumers, through its prohibition of anticompetitive practices which often result in higher prices, and lower quality goods and services.
When did the Fair Competition Act come into effect? PDF Print
The Act was proclaimed on January 3rd 2003
Do other CARICOM countries have competition legislation? PDF Print

Yes. Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and St. Vincent have passed competition legislation. The countries of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States are in the process of establishing a sub-regional competition authority that will enforce harmonised competition legislation. Suriname has completed its legislation and is in the process of enacting it. Belize is receiving technical assistance to complete its fair competition legislation.

Under Chapter Eight of the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, CARICOM is inaugurating the regional Community Competition Commission on 18 January 2007 in Paramaribo, Suriname. The CCC main objectives will be to:

  • apply the rules of competition in respect of anti-competitive cross border business conduct; and
  • promote and protect competition in the Community and coordinate the implementation of the Community Competition Policy .
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