Did You Know?

  • The FTC must consult the public before making decisions on utility regulation matters.
  • The FTC has the power to stop a merger.
  • If you have been misled about the price or nature of goods or services, you must first let the business try to resolve it before contacting the FTC.
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The Fair Trading Commission is here for the consumers of Barbados, serving them in several ways.

We constantly examine advertising and information to ensure it is not misleading and that it can be easily understood. We also have a Help Bureau so consumers can call or walk in to discuss queries or complaints they may have about goods or services and get advice and assistance.

The Commission also does our best to make sure everyone understands what their rights are. To that end, we carry out public education programmes through talks, news articles and public information campaigns on television and radio.

We also affect consumers in other ways, such as by promoting fair competition in the markets so consumers have more choices and can get better deals, as competition forces companies to maintain high standards and keep prices down.

As the regulator, the FTC helps determine utility rates, sets the standards of service that utility providers should offer and monitors this service to make sure it is of a good quality. Our utility regulation officers are also here to listen to and investigate any queries or concerns consumers may have about bills or service.

This section of the site is dedicated to providing information so consumers can understand more about how the Fair Trading Commission’s work relates to them.

You can browse through the legislation to find out exactly what your rights are.

We also have links to several pieces of useful advice for consumers – Staying Safe , When Free Isn’t Free , general Tips and Advice , the Standards of Service and Competition and the Consumer .

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